Caminos Fire is a contract, call when needed operation. Caminos Fire maintains
an annually updated roster of pre-qualified, call when needed firefighters for
assignments. Firefighters are only employed during such assignments.


Due to the volatile nature of wildfire seasons, there is no guarantee Caminos
Fire will receive company assignments. Likewise, if there are company assignments,
there is no guarantee that all listed firefighters will be assigned.


The minimum qualifications for roster listing include:

  • Certificate of completion of NWCG S-130/S-190/L-180 – Basic Wildland Firefighting
  • Certificate of completion of I-100 – Introduction of ICS
  • Certificate of completion of IS700a – All Hazards ICS
  • Passing the physical agility "Pack Test"


Training certificate must be less than 5 years old, unless the interested personnel
have performed in the wildland arena as a minimum FFT2 within the past 5 years.


Availability – Caminos Fire only lists qualified personnel that are available
for long-term call out. Caminos Fire must respond within 60 minutes of call-out
and must be ready to remain on an assignment for a minimum of 14 days plus travel
days (not all assignments last that long, but some may last longer). It is detrimental
to Caminos Fire company operations to leave an assignment early due to personnel
not being able to remain for a full assignment.


If interested, please send an email to f i r e e (dot) d @ l o n g b e a r (dot)
c o m
for further information.