cfengCaminos Fire – A contract fire fighting operation utilizing compressed air foam – for use in the wildland arena. Based in Region 3 – Southern Arizona.

Come in and look around!! Lots of fire photos!!

Check below for updates on our current & past assignments.

Caminos Fire – CAF Brochure

Current StatusSouthern California –

Check back often.

For National Fire info, check Inciweb

The below map (should)show the location of any current Fires.

Center of map
Fire Map

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The two photos above are Caminos Fire originals that made the national rounds. Both are found at the 2nd link below ( The lower photo was found in newspapers in Tucson, Colorado, Minnesota, Connecticut, Texas, and other locales. See more photos in the Photo Gallery

For more photos on the White Water Baldy Fire – go to: Flicker – Gila Forest